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PVC Water Stopper Manufacturers in New Delhi

Best PVC Water Stopper Manufacturers in New Delhi

Prime Rubber Works is a Multi-layer PVC Water Stopper Manufacturers in New Delhi. Our PVC Water Stopper is specially crafted to shield residential and commercial buildings from potential discomfort caused by leaks and cracks. These stoppers are created using carefully formulated and plasticized PVC compounds, ensuring top-notch quality.

PVC Water Stopper Suppliers in Delhi

We are the most Low-friction PVC Water Stopper Suppliers in Delhi. Concrete buildings and structures can face the challenges of harsh weather, leading to cracks and leaks. Our PVC Water Stopper acts as a robust barrier, preventing any unwanted leakage or seepage, and ensuring the long-term integrity of your buildings. We take pride in manufacturing this high-quality material in our advanced production facility.

PVC Water Stopper Exporters From India

We are the most sealing PVC Water Stopper Exporters From India. Whether it's for use locally in your neighborhood, sending it to other countries, or just providing it to customers, our PVC Water Stopper is a dependable tool. It does a straightforward job, but it does it really well: it keeps your buildings dry and safe for a long, long time. Think of it like a strong barrier that shields your valuable property from the unpredictable forces of nature. It's like having a guardian for your buildings, making sure they stay dry and secure, no matter what Mother Nature throws their way. So, when you use our PVC Water Stopper, you can relax, knowing that your assets are well-protected, and hence we offer enjoy peace of mind.



1.32 kg/l

Service Temperature

-200C- +570C

Tensile Strength

14 n/mm2

Elongation at Break

300% min

Maximum Hydrostatic head for thickness 3-12 mm

10-60 mtrs.