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Silicone Rubber Sheets Manufacturers in New Delhi

Silicone Rubber Sheet Manufacturers in New Delhi

Prime Rubber Works is the Heavy-gauge Silicone Rubber Sheet Manufacturers in New Delhi. Our solid silicone sheets are flexible and great for sealing things tightly. These sheets have a wide range of uses, from sealing to food contact, all crafted in a modern facility where we continuously improve our processes.

Silicone Rubber Sheets Suppliers in Delhi

We are the most Non-leaching Silicone Rubber Sheets Suppliers in Delhi. Our sheets are used in various industries, like automobiles, machinery, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. They can handle high temperatures and provide lubrication where needed. We also offer glossy and smooth liquid silicone for different effects.

Silicone Rubber Sheets Exporters from India

We are the most Non-reactive Silicone Rubber Sheets Exporters from India. Apart from their heat resistance, our silicone rubber sheets have shining and lubricating qualities. They are not affected much by harsh weather like rain or extreme heat. They also provide good electrical insulation and come in different levels of hardness, from soft to hard, to meet various needs. Our company specializes in creating top-quality silicone rubber sheets for diverse purposes. Silicone is a versatile material known for its softness, glossiness, and flexibility. What makes our sheets stand out is their ability to handle high temperatures, up to 300 degrees Celsius. We also offer food-grade options, perfect for medical use, made in clean and safe spaces.

Technical Specifications:

Silicone Rubber Sheets could be manufactured as per the mentioned Properties and variations depending upon application requirements.


Specific Gravity (gm. / cm3)

- 1.20 to 1.60


Hardness (Shore A, °5)

- 40 to 65


Tensile Strength, min (kg / cm2 )

- 50 to 100


Elongation at break, min(%)

- 150 to 300


Compression Set , at 70°C for 22 hrs (%)

- 40 to 45


Service Temperature Range

- -90° C to +250° C